Since 1945, Grupo PiSA Farmaceutica has operated with the highest standards of innovation and quality

vintage electrolit

Hometa is one of 12 subsidiaries of Grupo PiSA Farmaceutica. Founded in 1945, the Mexican pharmaceutical giant has led the industry in quality, innovation, and patient safety for seven decades. Professor Don Miguel Alvarez Ochoa named the original company Productos Infantiles, S.A., or PiSA for short. The company was established to produce medications specifically for children, since during those days, children would be dosed with fractions of adult medications. PiSA began producing pediatric cough syrup, analgesic/antipyretic drops, and pediatric electrolyte solutions.

Although the company was originally founded exclusively to produce pediatric remedies, today Grupo PiSA now boasts a portfolio of 1500 medications and treatments, including one of its first products, Electrolit.

Currently, Grupo PiSA holds the most diverse product portfolio in Mexico and has the largest distribution network in the country with 14 manufacturing sites, 5 warehouses and 11 platform crossings spaced strategically throughout Mexico. Grupo PiSA also serves more than 20 international pharmaceutical companies as a contract manufacturer, and has been awarded the Certification of Quality ISO as well as the ESR Certification of Clean Industry. Their outstanding compliance to GMP has afforded them partnerships with some of the biggest pharmaceutical brands in the world, including Baxter, Sanofi-Aventis, and Bayer.

In response to the growing demand for viable home infusion technologies, Hometa was established to develop vanguard, safe medical devices to serve this demand. It has long been touted that home-infusion is a better option for the entire healthcare industry, due to superior safety and cost-effectiveness for patients, providers and payers.

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