Accuracy Fluctuations in Gravity Infusion Techniques

While medical technologies continue to reach dizzying new heights of sophistication with each passing day, healthcare professionals still rely on time-honored methodologies to achieve excellent patient care. One of the most basic is gravity infusion, a valuable technique that is nevertheless prone to inaccuracies. These inaccuracies may be credited to a variety of factors, including the height of the fluid bag, the changing pressure as the fluid decreases over time, the strength of roller clamps, and the quality of any particular drip set manufacturing.

Shift Labs innovative new infusion rate monitor, DripAssist, attaches to any drip set and monitors gravity infusion to ensure that flow rates remain within a set range. The DripAssist accurately measures flow rate in various environmental conditions, but its accuracy can still be affected by variations in manufacturing and in the overall quality of the individual drip set…

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