Cypress Creek EMS on Using the DripAssist Infusion Rate Monitor

Medication infusions require carefully controlled flow rates, usually accomplished using a pump. These devices are expensive and large which has limited their adoption in the pre-hospital environment by EMS agencies administering medication infusions. The traditional approach is to control the flow rate manually and measure it by counting calibrated drops of fluid in a transparent chamber.

The DripAssist device automates part of this process, aiming to improve patient care by making it easier to administer medications that require a controlled drip rate. Over the past few decades, EMS (emergency medical services) paramedics have been bringing an increasingly high level of medical care to patients in the field. Moving advanced care from the emergency room to the living room has improved outcomes and survival rates. While much of this transition has been smooth, medication infusions have been complicated by a lack of resources in the prehospital realm. Medication infusions, or drips, are medication interventions in which the medicine must be delivered at a carefully controlled rate over a measured period…

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