Live DripAssist® Demo with Director of Clinical Affairs, Michelle McCabe BSN

NHIA 2021 Annual Conference

HCP 2021 Hospital Pharmacy Virtual Spring Conference

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We offer personal live DripAssist® demos with our Director of Clinical Affairs, Michelle McCabe BSN
Learn all about DripAssist®:
  • The functionalities of the device
  • How to use DripAssist®
  • The different healthcare settings where DripAssist® is currently being utilized
  • The most applicable infusion therapies for DripAssist®
  • Q&A session

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Check out our exhibit at the virtual National Home Infusion Association’s 2021 Annual Conference

  • Learn all about the new DripAssist® Infusion Rate Monitor
  • Understand how our products can have tremendous cost saving implications for your practice
  • Discover the difference that linear embossed lining and EtO sterilization makes in our EVA Bags
  • Get all of your questions answered through our Live Chat and Live Video Chat functions

Hometa is committed innovating healthcare solutions that bring you closer to home; this includes the development of medical devices that are specifically applicable in the home health setting.

Our affiliates at PiSA have been working with the NHIA since 2019 to bring medical solutions into the home that reduce cost and complexity while improving clinical outcomes for both the patient and the provider.

We are thrilled to showcase our new device, the DripAssist® Infusion Rate Monitor, the first of its kind to easily keep track of gravity infusion administration. DripAssist® has huge implications for home infusion, as it gives peace of mind to the provider and the patient. We are excited to introduce DripAssist® to the home infusion sphere through the NHIA’s 2021 Annual Conference.