DripAssist is the size of a cell phone, and infinitely more durable.

“DripAssist is more durable than a cell phone – it still works in high heat and humidity and doesn’t stop working when its dropped into sand or break when its thrown into a bag”


DripAssist runs off of a single AA battery and works with almost any tubing set

“This device is ideal for use in the field – I don’t need electricity to use it.”


DripAssist delivers more accuracy in your infusions, especially in austere environments and military settings

“Often times [in the field], maintenance and calibration schedules aren’t upheld, so the IV pumps you’re using could be delivering infusion at a higher or lower rate than they’re displaying. DripAssist makes it possible for us to know the exact rate of infusion.”


Madigan Army Medical Center Clinical Case Study

Madigan Army Medical Center Clinical Case Study Intravenous(IV) administration of fluids and medications are a significant part of patient treatment. They are classically set through gravity with roller clamps and drip counts, or smart pump technology. In the austere environment both of these have respective limitations such as accuracy, weight, and need for power. The [...]

Option Care AVA National Conference 2018

Cost-Effective Infusion Administration via Gravity Using DripAssist Infusion Rate Monitor BACKGROUND In hospital systems, nurses have a range of technologies to assist with the delivery of IV medication. Unfortunately, outside of acute care, resources and technologies vary considerably. Infusion pumps are useful tools that automate the process of IV infusions. Also commonly practiced, despite being [...]

Managing the Dynamic System of Gravity Infusion

Managing the Dynamic System of Gravity Infusion IV infusion is one of the most common healthcare procedures in any setting, and making those infusions accurate is critical to patient safety. While infusion pumps are useful tools that automate the process of IV infusions, there are many clinical settings where pumps are not a viable or [...]

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