DripAssist is the size of a cell phone, and infinitely more durable.

“DripAssist is more durable than a cell phone – it still works in high heat and humidity and doesn’t stop working when its dropped into sand or break when its thrown into a bag”


DripAssist runs off of a single AA battery and works with almost any tubing set

“This device is ideal for use in the field – I don’t need electricity to use it.”


DripAssist delivers more accuracy in your infusions, especially in austere environments and military settings

“Often times [in the field], maintenance and calibration schedules aren’t upheld, so the IV pumps you’re using could be delivering infusion at a higher or lower rate than they’re displaying. DripAssist makes it possible for us to know the exact rate of infusion.”


Cypress Creek EMS Clinical Highlight

Cypress Creek EMS on Using the DripAssist Infusion Rate Monitor Medication infusions require carefully controlled flow rates, usually accomplished using a pump. These devices are expensive and large which has limited their adoption in the pre-hospital environment by EMS agencies administering medication infusions. The traditional approach is to control the flow rate manually and measure [...]

EC Green Cancer Center Clinical Highlight

EC Green Cancer Center Clinical Highlight In outpatient infusion care environments with high patient loads, affordable and effective medication administration can be a challenge. Providers worldwide, ranging from oncology centers to rheumatology practices, use the DripAssist Infusion Rate Monitor as a cost effective solution for safe, accurate IV infusion management. DripAssist is a simple, affordable [...]

Ketamine Center of Chicago Clinical Highlight

Ketamine Center of Chicago Clinical Highlight Ketamine Center of Chicago is the first of its kind in Chicago, Illinois. Dr. Bal Nandra, MD is an anesthesiologist trained at the university of Chicago Hospitals Department of Anesthesia and Critical Care with nearly 20 years of clinical experience. He opened his clinic to help patients who suffer [...]

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