Lightweight, durable, and portable, DripAssist makes it easy to go from one infusion to the next.

“The DripAssist is easy to clean and re-program, so my patient turnover can be as fast as possible. No one has to wait for their infusions.”


Provide infusions with confidence – DripAssist monitors the rate of infusion in real time

“My staff continually grew more and more comfortable using the DripAssist. Once everyone realized that they could see the rate in real time they started to prefer them (DripAssist) to the pumps.”


With DripAssist, you’re able to track total volume infused, and set the alarm to monitor when the rate changes +/-13%

“It’s nerve wracking to change devices when administering sensitive medications but I felt better knowing that I could see (in real time) if the rate changed.”


Managing the Dynamic System of Gravity Infusion

Managing the Dynamic System of Gravity Infusion IV infusion is one of the most common healthcare procedures in any setting, and making those infusions accurate is critical to patient safety. While infusion pumps are useful tools that automate the process of IV infusions, there are many clinical settings where pumps are not a viable or [...]

Disaster Preparedness and Medication Administration

Disaster Preparedness and Medication Administration In 2012, Tropical Storm Sandy created a widespread outage covering Lower Manhattan and leaving over 250,000 people without power. During the outage, two high volume Manhattan hospitals, NYU Langone Medical Center and Bellevue Hospital, experienced back-up generator failures that forced the evacuation of nearly 1,000 patients. Nearly five years later, [...]

Accuracy Fluctuations in Gravity Infusion Techniques

Accuracy Fluctuations in Gravity Infusion Techniques While medical technologies continue to reach dizzying new heights of sophistication with each passing day, healthcare professionals still rely on time-honored methodologies to achieve excellent patient care. One of the most basic is gravity infusion, a valuable technique that is nevertheless prone to inaccuracies. These inaccuracies may be credited [...]

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