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We are holding two private live webinar sessions, exclusively open to members of MAGNET GROUP. We will discuss all of the functionalities of the DripAssist device and the specialties of our IV bags. Please register for one of the following dates below:

Hosted by Michelle McCabe, BSN

Director of Clinical Affairs

The DripAssist®  Infusion Rate Monitor is an electronic drop counter that secures onto the chamber of a gravity IV set and counts drops with 99% accuracy using an infrared sensor. DripAssist displays the rate of infusion in real time, and can be toggled to read out mL/h, dp/min, or total volume infused (mL). DripAssist also has an optional alert that will sound if the rate of infusion deviates +/- 13% of the set rate. The retractable blue cam will secure the device to drip chambers of tubing sets ranging from 10 gtt/mL – 60 gtt/mL.

Please contact us at sales@hometa.com for members’ pricing or log into MAGNET GROUP catalog for the full guide.

Our 3-port IV bags are made with Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA), not made with plasticizer Diethylhexylpthalate (DEHP), and have FDA 510K clearance. The linear embossed interior lining sets our IV bags apart from the rest.

  • Interior embossing contributes to a faster and easier filling process, along with less resistance
  • Linear embossed lining on the interior of our bags makes EtO sterility possible and viable
  • EtO sterilization does not compromise bag durability, unlike radiation sterilization
  • Sterilized after packaging is sealed, the Large Bore Luer lock is vented with a 3-micron filter to allow EtO into the bag

Every single bag is leak tested in-process, making our bags exceptionally reliable. We offer a dependable supply, consistent and reliable quality, and competitive pricing.


  1. Injection Port with tamper evident cap for injection of medications
  2. Bag Spike Adaptor for connection to infusion set
  3. Large Bore Luer Lock Adaptor with male vented cap for filling, compatible with Apex® and Exactamix®



We offer EVA bags in 7 different fill volumes*. Sizes 2000mL and up are outfitted with an integrated handle for easy transport and hanging

*Please note that depending on available inventory, certain SKUs may still have PiSA logo and previous port configuration – these differences are cosmetic and do not affect the efficacy of the bag in any way.

Please contact us at sales@hometa.com for members’ pricing or log into MAGNET GROUP catalog for the full guide.

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