New Infusion Company, HOMETA, Launches to Bring Patient-Centric Care To the Infusion Industry

For immediate release: Monday, June 29, 2020

New infusion technology company will encompass the development, manufacture, and distribution of novel infusion technologies to meet growing demands in the Home Infusion and Alternate Site Infusion Care Sectors


ALBANY, N.Y. (June 29, 2020) – Hometa, a newly incorporated subsidiary of JCSA Holdings, has officially launched and established commercial operations in Upstate New York. The infusion technology company intends to build upon its enterprise partners’ 75-year legacy of trusted innovation in the pharmaceutical and medical device sectors. Hometa was founded upon mounting clinical evidence that home-based infusion care is the safest and most cost-effective option for both provider and patient.


Hometa is launching with ambitious plans to address pressing customer needs with a robust line of infusion and vascular access technologies. On June 15, Hometa acquired the commercial assets of its sister company, PiSA BioPharm, which will allow it to fill existing gaps faced by customers in the industry. With a focus on quality-driven product development, scalable manufacturing capabilities, and locally sourced talent, Hometa is uniquely positioned to quickly become a leader in the Infusion Technology sector.


Hometa was established by president and CEO Jeff Hover, who has more than 25 years of experience in biotechnology and a Lifetime Achievement award from NANT. Since becoming the President & CEO of Pisa BioPharm in 2014, he has grown the company’s U.S. contract manufacturing to over $50M. Today he leads three other PiSA subsidiaries in addition to Hometa.


“I’ve long been an advocate for the improved patient safety that comes with home healthcare, and the COVID-19 outbreak has made it even more important for our industry to deliver best in class alternate-site care” said Jeff Hover, Hometa president and CEO. “In the last decade, home-infusion has become a $19 billion industry serving 3.2 million patients annually in the United States. I believe Hometa is positioned for rapid advancements and related expansion, and we very much look forward to growing our new company through product development and strategic acquisitions.”


True to the company’s motto, “Healthcare that brings you closer to home,” Hometa will work closely with compounding pharmacists, outpatient infusion centers, and visiting nurses who administer home infusions to better understand the needs of patients and the industry, and ensure its products meet the unique needs of the alternate-site care setting. Within the next five years, the company will advance a steady cadence of new product releases to develop the first complete “bag-to-vein” portfolio offering geared towards alternate-site infusion care in the Americas.


Currently, the product portfolio will evolve to include IV sets, needle-free connectors, antimicrobial products including vascular access devices and tympanostomy tubes, semi-automated compounding syringes, pre-filled containers and IV components. The company will also begin offering PiSA BioPharm’s empty IV bags under the Hometa brand.


For more information about Hometa’s products and opportunities, visit


About Hometa

Hometa boasts a rich and reputable history, modern office culture, and growing influence in the Infusion Technology Sector. Our team is committed to upholding the highest standards of Quality, Innovation and Accountability throughout departments. Our product portfolio is rapidly expanding as we learn more about what our infusion community needs from us.

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